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Program Overview

Vitales provides access to health care to rural communities in the mountains of Ecuador. This is accomplished through integration of technology,  educating the public and providing access to clinics.  


Vitales Logo

The logo represents a heart beat with its peaks reflecting the mountains in the Cordillares of the Andes.  It also represents the pulse of the rural community in Tungurahua, Ecuador


The word "Vitales" in spanish translates to "Vitals" in english. Vital signs are integral in evaluating a patient's health.



Tungurahua, Ecuador

Tungurahua Province is located in the Cordillera Oriental of the Andes of central Ecuador, south of the capital Quito.


Tungurahua (/tʊŋɡʊˈrɑːwə/;derives from Quichua tunguri (throat) and rahua (fire), "Throat of Fire") is an active stratovolcano.

Tungurahua, Ecuador
Tungurahua, Ecuador


Mobile Preventive Health Clinic

Our mobile clinic provides free preventive health care. Rural communities can request a visit from our team to take vital signs and receive educational resources in Spanish and Quechua.

Access to Healthcare

We are working with rural communities and local government officials to provide access to preventive screenings and free transportation to clinics and hospitals.

Keeping a Pulse

Through data analytics, we track and keep the pulse on rural communities to tackle the most prevalent and common issues. 



Gran Calhua, Tungurahua, Ecuador

Gran Calhua is a rural community located within the province of Tunugurahua in Ecuador. This community relies on farming as a way to put food on their tables and lacks proper access to healthcare. 

We held a free preventive screening clinic outside of their local church. Some of the most prevalent health concerns for Calhua is malnutrition. Through numerous donations, we were able to provide food basics to each participant.